Easdale Island Community Hall
The Wizard of Ozzydale

The Wizard of Ozzydale

Date of Event: Thu 02 Jan 2020
Event Type: Panto
Time: Doors open 2.00pm (performance 2.30pm)
Ticket Pricing: Entry by donation
Once upon a time in the far distant lands of Argyll & Bute there was a tiny island which despite its size turned out to really be the centre of the universe! Here lived a young girl, called Dorothy, and her faithful little canine friend Toto.

On one very normal day a storm unleashed all its fury on the island and caught in the maelstrom Dorothy and Toto were transported to the magical land of Ozzydale with candyfloss trees, a very long yellow road and was the home to many strange creatures.

Join Dorothy and Toto as they set out on their quest to try and get home to Easdale. A quest that will see them meet new friends, battle evil forces at work and deal with many strange happenings along the way.

Will Dorothy and Toto ever get home to Easdale?

Hold on to your seats…..it’s panto time!

Donations welcome at the end of performance.
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