Easdale Island Community Hall
Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre - The Lighthouse Keeper

Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre - The Lighthouse Keeper

Date of Event: Fri 19 Apr 2019
Event Type: Puppets
Time: 2.30pm.
Ticket Pricing: £5 /£5 concs (accompanied under 5s free )
In a tiny quaint village by the sea Tom the lighthouse keeper fishes by the jaggedy rocks and watches out carefully for the ships sailing by night. In the one and only village café, his friend Belle the mermaid makes such delicious ice cream for her happy customers.

Everything is fine and dandy in this idyllic fishing village, until one day a wild storm brews up! The glittering undersea life which surrounds these two friends is dangerously disturbed and perhaps nothing will remain the same...will Belle have to reveal her magical secret? A beautifully created and delighted told story of friendship, with table top puppets and original music. Come on in, the water’s lovely, but watch out for the crabs!
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