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The Jabberwocky

The Jabberwocky

Date of Event: Fri 03 Apr 2015
Event Type: Puppets
Time: 3.00pm (doors 2.30pm)
Ticket Pricing: £5 /£5 concs (accompanied under 5s free )
An evil prince is ruining the kingdom. He taxes the people something rotten! What's even worse, a plague of monsters has descended on his poor, unhappy subjects. Something has to be done!

It falls to Quentin to track and slay the Jabberwock. A dangerous job, if only he had heeded his father's warnings. But then Quentin is doing it all to win his beloved Cynthia. However the evil prince has designs of his own on the beautiful Cynthia...

Will Quentin survive his quest? Will the evil prince marry Cynthia? Or will the fearsome Jabberwock eat the whole kingdom?

With this riotous romp of a show, based on the classic poem by Lewis Carroll from Alice through the Looking Glass, Folding Theatre has now been presenting its work at the Puppet Animation Festival for more than fifteen years.

"An engaging storyteller ably assisted by a cast of beautifully-made puppets" The Scotsman

Duration: 45 mins

Ages: 5+

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