Easdale Island Community Hall
Mystery Juice

Mystery Juice

Date of Event: Sat 13 Jul 2013
Event Type: Concert
Time: 8.15pm (doors and bar 7.30pm)
Ticket Pricing: £8 /£6 concs (accompanied under 12s free )
Mystery Juice have been peddling their particular brand of Scottish rock'n'roll'n'breakbreat-blues for a number of years. A bizarre connection with Russia led to various tours, two Russian-only album releases and many festival appearances playing to audiences of up to 100,000. Recently, Mystery Juice headlined at the 40th anniversary celebrations of Copenhagen's anarchist enclave Christiania

Back home, Mystery Juice have been resolutely ploughing their own furrow with a solid nationwide following. Their recipe of house-shaking grooves, the dirtiest blues guitar licks and howling violin, topped off with machine gun vocals guarantees that they sound like no one else.

Recently the band have been collaborating with Fife's Fence Collective, film-makers Ruth and Louis Paxton and graphic artist Superlectric Industries on a number of projects.

The latest EP Eye for an Aye is out now.

"If there is a God, does he have a Mystery Juice tattoo?... Four men stride on stage, looking sharp and effortlessly cool. I thought 'okay you've got my attenti...' Kaboom, and we're off. The next 40 minutes shake, rattle, grind, groove - that's right they groove, which as a rule of thumb Scottish bands usually shouldn't - their set away. A feeling of elation, awe and jealousy floods my brain and body as this menacing gang of awsomeness power their way through an incredible mix of rock'n'roll, r'n'b, funk and rockabilly, driving the crowd mental" - Gerry Hart, The Skinny

19.30; 20.00; 20.30; 21.00; 23.00

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