Easdale Island Community Hall
Atlantic Adventure Day - The Whisky River Boat Band

Atlantic Adventure Day - The Whisky River Boat Band

Date of Event: Sat 11 Aug 2012
Event Type: Concert
Time: 8.15pm (doors and bar 7.30pm)
Ticket Pricing: £9 /£7 concs (accompanied under 12s free )
3/5ths of TWRBB with others who swam the Atlantic
Adventure folk: bring the spirit from the rivers, mountains and seas to your door and back again.

The Whisky River Boat Band was originally put together for a musical canoeing odyssey down the River Spey thus creating a new genre, "Adventure Folk". Amazingly, the band survived as did most of their instruments, the gigs were great and the craic was mighty, so into the future they travel. With the accoustic line up including guitars, dobro, fiddle, banjo and double bass, the classic and original songs have a unique country and bluegrass feel that can bring a tear to the eye and your feet to the dance floor.

19.30; 20.00; 20.30; 21.00; 23.00
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