Easdale Island Community Hall
2010 Panto: Hansel and Gretel

2010 Panto: Hansel and Gretel

Date of Event: Sun 03 Jan 2010
Event Type: Theatre
Time: 2.45pm
Ticket Pricing: £Free (donations accepted) (accompanied under 12s free )
Hoorays, boos, hisses and aaahs conducted by A Gregory.
Once upon a time in the land of Easdale there lived Hansel and Gretel with their father and evil stepmother, Dinah. The recession meant times were hard with no money or food. Desperate to save his children Bill takes his kids with him as he goes in search of work but loses them in the forest. As Hansel and Gretel try to find their way home they meet with many of the forests inhabitants not all of whom are friendly. Starving, cold and tired they eventually reach the gingerbread house but unknown to them they walk into a trap as the house is owned by an evil, child eating witch.

Will good battle evil and win? Will Hansel and Gretel survive to tell their tale, and will Easdale survive the scandal of selling body parts?


09.15; 09.45; 10.15; 10.45; 11.15; 11.45; 12.15; 12.45
14.15; 14.45; 15.15; 15.45; 16.15; 16.45; 17.15; 17.45; 18.15; 19.00
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