Easdale Island Community Hall
The World Stoneskimming Championships 2009

The World Stoneskimming Championships 2009

Date of Event: Sun 27 Sep 2009
Event Type:
Time: from 11am
Ticket Pricing: £Free for spectators (accompanied under 12s free )
Registration for the championships takes place at Easdale Island Community Hall from 11am on the day itself; if you would like to compete just turn up as there are no qualifying rounds. The competition starts at 12 noon - get down to the quarryside early to avoid the queues!

Categories and entrance fees:
Adult Women and Men (16 and over) - entrance fee: £4
Old Tossers (60 and over) - entrance fee: £3
Junior Girls and Boys (age 10-15 years) - entrance fee: £2
Under 10s Girls and Boys - entrance fee: £1

Anyone of any age and any level of skill can enter. Each competitor is allowed 3 skims using specially selected Easdale slate skimming stones. For a skim to qualify the stone must bounce at least three times - it is then judged on the distance achieved before it sinks.

For more information see the official World Stoneskimming Championships website (address below)

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