Easdale Island Community Hall
Flipped to the funny side

Flipped to the funny side

Date of Event: Sat 15 Apr 2006
Event Type: Theatre
Time: 10.45am
Ticket Pricing: £3 /£3 concs (accompanied under 12s free )
Humphrey is very busy around the house trying to make a few DIY improvements but his son Hugo keeps getting in the way playing with paint brushes, making a mess causing stumbles, splashes and falls. Hugo is such a problem that his Dad takes him to see an old mysterious wizard. Perhaps he can make Hugo a little less naughty and accident prone. The Wizard casts a powerful spell. Hugo's naughty streak is flipped to the Funny Side - an outlandish world where all the wild and strange parts of our imaginations live - with surprising and zany results!

More fun and mayhem from one of Scotland's most anarchic companies!
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