Easdale Island Community Hall

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"The Hall itself is magical. From the first sighting of its pyramid roof and arced frontispiece across the water to stepping off its stage at the end of the concert, it cast a spell on us. A very special place to play." - Mike Scott, The Waterboys

Easdale Island Community Hall opened in May 2003, after a successful application to the Community Fund and was the first project undertaken by Eilean Eisdeal, the Easdale Island Community Development Group. It has been host to many different events and in addition to being a community and arts centre, the hall is available to hire for functions, conferences, seminars and workshops.

what's on

  • Fri 23 Aug 2019 - Mon 26 Aug 2019 The Stonefish of Loch A'Corrie
    The Stonefish of Loch A'Corrie - A walk through, fairy story experience, in pictures and written words, by Dirk Campbell.
    Most folk live unaware of the sleeping giants among us. This is the story of one those giants who woke up! A gigantic fish, who creates havoc on the West Coast in his struggle for fulfillment and realisation.
    Exhibition runs 24/25/26th August.
  • Sat 31 Aug 2019 Tortoise In a Nutshell Theatre - Myth of the Singular Moment
    Two musician-performers take us on a fantastical journey that links four characters in interconnecting tales across the multiverse, in a story that explores an existential conundrum of belief. Somewhere out there, has another version of you followed a better path? The Myth of the Singular Moment is all about the choices we make and those we don’t, the brief moments where multiple realities and futures coincide and then separate.
  • Sat 28 Sep 2019 None The Wiser - World Stone Skimming Championships pre skim dance
    None The Wiser is a four-piece rock covers band, playing an energetic mix of classic tunes, from Abba to The Zutons, with sets that include Tina Turner, Manic Street Preachers, Queen, Lady Gaga , The Cult, Robbie Williams, Nirvana, Otis Redding and Gloria Gaynor – amongst many others!
  • Sat 19 Oct 2019 Heron Valley
    Heron Valley are an energy fuelled five piece band, deeply rooted in the traditions of Scotland. Their style sees traditional Scottish pipe tunes played with a modern twist, paired with a varied set of traditional and contemporary folk songs. Their live performances are full of excitement and fire, and not to be missed!


Archive of previous events in Easdale Island Hall

This archive contains a listing of events that have taken place in Easdale Island Hall since 2003. Some listings have subsequently been enhanced with photographs taken at the event and some by reviews.


If you have any photographs or reviews of events in Easdale Island Hall and would like to add them to this event archive, please contact arts.admin@easdale.org.


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